V6 Gallery

Our V6 Fine Art Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the captivating beauty of the Big Bend region. The curated collection of original paintings, photography, and sculptures offers a unique and mesmerizing interpretation of the regions breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and raw, untamed beauty.

We are honored to feature a remarkable lineup of highly esteemed Texas artists, including Bob Stuth-Wade, David Caton, Mary Baxter, Jon Flaming, Noe Perez, Jeri Salter, E. Dan Klepper, Malou Flato, Carol Arnold, Dennis Farris, Daniel Blagg, William Carrington, William Montgomery, Marshall K. Harris, Katelyn Del Vecchio and Lindy Cook Severns.

If you are interested in purchasing any one of the works we have at the gallery, or if you are interested in what we currently have featured, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!



Photo by: JB Hillard
Photo by: JB Hillard
Photo by: JB Hillard

Below are a just a few of the artists featured at The V6 Gallery: