Katelyn Betsill Del Vecchio

(b. 1994)

Katelyn Betsill Del Vecchio is an American oil painter.

Primarily a self taught painter, Katelyn’s creativity was fostered by her Grandmother as a young child, but it wasn’t until adulthood following the move to a rural town in the wild and vast Chihuahuan desert that her study of oil painting truly began.

Mainly a western figurative & landscape painter, Betsill believes in painting what is familiar to her, featuring western landscapes and figures that reflect her own experiences working in, and with, the land. Her education and background as a Biologist has also inspired the incorporation of native flora and fauna to create narrative portraits of landscapes and gives a subtle nod to the ecosystem it facilitates.

Katelyn leans towards capturing remote places that reflect her own observations and experiences and focus the attention on nature in its unaltered state. She currently lives in far West Texas with her husband Scott and daughter Josephine.

She has been featured in nationally circulated magazines Southwest Art Magazine and Western Art Collector and was named one of '21 under 31 Young Artists to Collect Now' in Southwest Art Magazine in 2022. Katelyn was a featured artist and top 10 finalist in Western Gallery's 'New Western Talent" 2020, and selected as an emerging artist in Fort Worth's Main Street Festival, ranked #3 nationally.

Photo by: JB Hillard
Photo by: JB Hillard
Photo by: JB Hillard

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